Ussery Automotive Academy


Ussery Automotive Academy

Picture this. You're at Mercedes-Benz of Cutler Bay signing the papers to finally own your first Mercedes-Benz model. You get the key and head out to the parking lot to go home in your new car. However, if this is your first Mercedes-Benz, you most likely don't know how some of the innovative features work. To help you have the ultimate Mercedes-Benz experience, we have created the Ussery Automotive Academy. Join us as we explain what we offer with this virtual academy.

What is Ussery Automotive Academy?

One of the best parts of driving a Mercedes-Benz is the innovative technology features that come with it. All of us at Bill Ussery Automotive Group understand that not everyone is familiar with the features that Mercedes-Benz models have to offer. As a way to help you enjoy your new model while learning what its features can do, we created the Ussery Automotive Academy. This instructional virtual academy is a series of videos that we have posted to the Ussery Automotive Group YouTube page.

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In each of these videos, one of our Ussery Automotive team members will demonstrate what the feature does and how it looks when it's working. We also include what Mercedes-Benz model we are using to help aide our instruction. We currently have videos covering:

  • MBUX Augmented Reality Navigation
  • Mercedes-Benz Parking Assist
  • Skip the Trip (Ussery Automotive Group service)
  • Setting the tailgate height
  • Saving the battery life of your Mercedes-Benz spare key
  • Summer Opening/Convenience Closing

Learn more with Mercedes-Benz of Cutler Bay

If you're interested in seeing how we provide instruction on these features, check out the video we've included on this page covering the Parking Assist feature. You can also check out our YouTube page and find the playlist called Ussery Automotive Academy. If you have any more questions about this virtual academy or your new Mercedes-Benz model, don't hesitate to reach out to our team at Mercedes-Benz at Cutler Bay.